What our customers say about us

“I brushed it on and WOW, I had an instant French manicure. I’m back for more – just love this stuff!”

Dr. Robin

“This is the only clear polish I use on my nails. I get compliments all the time. It makes my natural nails look better especially when I am outside in the sun.”


“I LOVE Zeva products! I recently tried the Zeva Cuticle Oil Pen, it’s amazing! The application is quick and makes my cuticles soft. My cuticles look healthy and refreshed! I love the smell too! Not only are their products great, they have amazing customer service and really take great care to reach out to their customers if you have any issues or concerns! They are great products to invest in and I can’t recommend these products enough!”


“I’ve tried several other big name nail brighteners -Dior Addict, Pink Gel Coat, YSL nail tint-but this is by far the the best.
I’m constantly washing my hands at my job and my nails look horrendous–dry, peeling and chipping. It’s so embarrassing. As a “beauty minimalist” I don’t splurge, nor do I have the time, for professional manicures anymore. No need with this product.

It instantly gives a freshly manicured look and due to the higher resin it adds more strength and stays fresh looking. This is all I’ll be using from now on.”


“I have been using this product for several years, and I am only on my second bottle. It is an office staple as we can quickly get a well groomed look in about 30 seconds by applying this product. It dries in a flash and makes your nails look soooooooo healthy and clean and bright. The name is appropriate for the product. It lasts forever and does not go bad like regular nail polish. Highly recommended for healthy nails in a flash.”

Dr. Richard E. West

“I decided to try Zeva nails after reading the reviews. I’m so glad I did! This stuff is a miracle! It covers ridges nicely and has a beautiful buffed shine finish.”


“I have been using this product for over ten years. I bought four bottles about 8 yrs ago, and my last one I am on right now. Its just like the first bottle was. Perfect!!!! I will be buying more as I now know the product last For a very Long Time!!
It looks so fresh and clean. It wears forever!!! Nothing like it. Please never stop making Zeva!”

L. Labean

“This is absolutely the best nail product I have ever purchased as well as one of my best purchases ever.After just my first application; I watched in amazement as my nail beds appeared a lovely realistic pink & my nail tips looked so white (after just one application). I was thrilled beyond words. This is just how I wanted my nails to look as I prefer my nails appearance to be healthy, clean, natural and classy. This does all that and more in a simple format. That this one bottle provides all that is perfection personified. It truly looks like a french manicure but better & natural. My nails are just stunning because of this product. They are easily able to always look beautiful, classy & healthy.  I’m sold on this system & know it will be my arsenal for as long as I can find it. It’s worth every single penny and more. Plus; my search is over.”


“This polish gives your nails a healthy, glowing look. My nails finally look pretty. Thanks Zeva for making a great product.”